60's Photo Peter Greenhill 60s Photographer Angie Pringle

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G21 Belinda & Sarah on a car dump

G22 Sarah lying in a fur coat

G23 Sarah in cardigan

G24 Sarah in Fur Hat/1

G25 Sarah in Fur Hat/2

G26 Marissa in Bandeau, standing

G27 Girl on steps

G28 Debbie in check coat

G29 Two girls on roof, in coats

G30 Linda kneeling, setting sun

G31 Janni in front of mirror

G32 Sisters heads

G33 Linda in brocade gown

G34 Maxi coat in mews

G35 Long shot, two girls with car. Kenwood/1

G36 Two girls with car & mist. Kenwood/2

G37 Two girls beside lake. Kenwood/3

G38 Close-up two girls with car. Kenwood/4

G39 Two girls on bridge

G40 Two girls with tribesmen

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